This Halloween,  I’ve been involved in a performance called Hyperventilation at the Mayhem Horror Film Festival at the Broadway Cinema in Nottingham. Four members of a cinema audience were fitted with our custom made respiration-monitoring gas masks while watching the “terrifying” movie Piranha3D. Face pointing cameras and graphs of their respiration were projected live into the broadway’s bar during the performance, along with some highly entertaining commentary from Dr Brendan Dare (Brendan Walker). On the night I was stoating around dressed as an evil orderly with a massive (fake) bruise on my face. Beforehand I’d been up to my eyeballs getting the wifi based video projection working. All in all it was a pretty cool event. Favourite quote of the evening: “Are you Artists?” – Hurrah for science masquerading as art!

We had an interview from the guardian for their science podcast on the night:



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