Hyperventilation: Agents


Building on previous work (hyperventilation), we recently did an event at Thorpe Park’s Saw Alive Horror maze, a place we’re no strangers to – having worked there several times on previous projects. This time we equipped participants in our custom-made respiration-monitor gasmasks, gave them an infra-red camera  and sent them into the maze. Their companions got to watch their experience from the comfort of the green room, haring  lot of screams and seeing a blair-witch-esque view of events from the cameras. As with the previous hyperventilation event, respiration graphs were shown over the camera views. The event was really good fun and I will take with me for ever the image of the actors in the green room (all dressed up in suitably terrifying garb and makeup) warming up by standing in a circle singing a Britney Spears song!


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