Tunnel Run

As part of a suite of Breath controlled games, I’ve been developing one called Tunnel Run. It’s a two player game, where one player plays god and the other a pilot. Both players wear the respiration-monitor gas masks. As the “god” player breathes, they create a landscape – a slightly modified graph of their breathing. The “pilot” character then flies the plane through the landscape. Forward motion is automatic, though the speed is modified based on respiration rate. Breathing in moves the plane up, breathing out moves it down. A simple but incredibly difficult game. Essentially player one is having to mimic the breathing of his opponent without ever fully inhaling or exhaling – that, as it turns out is something that is extremely difficult to do for any length of time.

The look is supposed to represent the game being drawn on graph paper – to give the feel of those games you played at school. Is this working? Anybody buying it? No? Okay – I’m terrible at art. I picked this theme because it’s supposed to look scribbly and even I can do that!


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