Hyperventilation Sports

Another game with jaw dropping photo-realistic graphics, I’ve recently been working on Hyperventilation Sports (HVS). It’s a multiplayer game using the gas mask respiration monitors. The concept is pretty simple – You each have a runner on a 100 meters track. Each breath makes him take a step and the size of the step is mediated by the volume of the breath. Basically the more air you pass through you, and the faster you do it the faster your avatar runs. It’s timed carefully to take about as long as a real (professional) 100m sprint (sub 10 seconds is really hard but just possible), so hopefully won’t actually kill anybody who plays it. It’s definitely the most frantic of the breath games and I find it pretty good fun. Certainly not one I’d do a large scale public demo of though – I don’t need members of the public dropping dead at my feet…


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