London Dungeon – Vengence

This week I’ve been to London Dungeon, getting involved with the launch of their new ride “Vengance 5D.” 5 dimensions is a bold claim but apparently they are 3d = 3d stereoscopic movie; 4d = touchy-feely-haptic-wet stuff to scare you; 5d = Interactivity (you can shoot at the screen with a slightly anachronistic laser gun).

This time we’ve been using the respirators on an anaesthetists ‘ mask (something Brendan assures me was new and washed) and they seem to work admirably. A little bulky but it does help to alleviate the old problem of the gas masks fogging up. It’s probably time to do something about making this software more flexible though – I’ve been adapting the same code over and over for different experiences so much that it is getting a bit muddled.


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