BBC Breakfast – Screaming

I’ve been up to my old biomonitoring-on-rollercoasters tricks again, this time in a BBC Breakfast report on whether or not screaming on rollercoasters enhances the experience. Certainly from anecdotal observation and personal experience (and supported by the data gathered at the event) this is indeed the case, though you might get your man-card revoked for doing it. Screaming in a group is an act of companionship, one of shared experience that self perpetuates the experience beyond that which is natural to us. It’s a good thing, and frankly if you’re going to pay all that money and queue for all that time you should be trying to get the best out of your experience – so go on, scream like  a little girl, it’ll make it more fun!

On the day, this involved wiring up the BBC Sports reporter Mike Bushell, along with a number of other randomly selected members of the public and getting them to scream their heads off on some trips and remain silent on others. A generally good time was had by all I feel, and once again I get to go on some of the countries best ‘coasters without queueing 🙂

Here’s the report in all its glory:


Embarassing Teen Bodies – I’m an expert ;)

Almost exactly a year ago I recorded some footage as an expert on biomonitoring for the popular C4 show Embarassing Bodies. They decided to put it in a teen special, since it was talking about sweating when stressed/excited. If you read this blog, it won’t be hard to guess that waht I did was strap up two of the doctors with heart rate and GSR monitors then send them on rollercoasters (SAW and Colossus @ Thrope Park). I must have had a good 12 seconds of screen time 🙂 Still, it was a fun day out of the office.