Perping @ Innovate

Today, perping was on display at Innovate – a TSB sponsored exhibition in London. I wasn’t there myself (being a little busy with another project) to run it, leaving it in the capable hands of Stuart Reeves and Bronya Norton, though I’ll admit it felt a little odd having other people running my baby. One source of great amusement to me was the call I got from Bronya in the morning asking how to put up the step-ladder that’s part of the set (it holds up all the hardware). I explained it over the phone to both Bronya and Stuart to no avail. Confused I though to myself, how on earth can they fail to put up a step-ladder? Then I sent them a diagram (quality drawing), and they still couldn’t do it.

In the end it turned out they’d only brought half of it with them, so I’m unsure what the set will have looked like. By all accounts the game went down well though so all is good. Nice to see it out and about.


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