The Experiment Live @ CHI 2012 Liveness Workshop

Today has been the first real external academic discussion of the work we did  with “the experiment live.” We published a work-in-progress paper to one of CHI’s workshops. The workshop is on ‘exploring CHI’s relationship with liveness” something apparently relevant since the experiment was indeed live. Interesting that most of the talks have been about live events/performances but the workshop activity is about “capturing” the live experience. This was instigated by giving us some cameras and sending us to CHI’s now legendary Geordie Party at a pub in downtown Austin, TX, giving us a frankly astonishing amount of free drink then asking us to video the thing we though would help to characterise the liveness of the event.

I suspect the result of this is likely to be a lot of shaky video of the early acts, which we will be editing together in the workshop. he party itself was pretty good, good bands, good people, tasty booze and a nice sense of camaraderie. Certainly that was there this morning as we all filtered into the workshop nursing a variety of states of hangover.

Anyway, the experiment talk seemed to go down fairly well, which is nice. Lots of other interesting stuff including Xth sense bio sensors (microphones to pick up muscle noise and turn it into music. That was Marco Donnarumma from U.Edinburgh’s sound tech lab and I’d very much like to get my hands on some of those sensors. Loads of people here from culture lab with an interesting mix of experience design and theory approaches.

Here’s a link to the paper.


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