The Experiment Live @ alt.chi – “The Machine in the Ghost”

Just been giving my talk at alt.chi in the “physical love” session. This seems rather odd for a paper that’s essentially about fear, distress, anger and dead people and manages to mention both aliens and vampires…

I’m talking about our experience of broadcasting biodata and in particular ‘the experiment live’ from the mayhem horror film festival. I’ll be covering areas like how people react to biodata on screen – the differences between fake and real biodata, the fictional precedent for biomontoring as part of narrative (only allowed if you’re a marine apparently), and whether or not one can reliably “act” biodata.

This is a bit of an odd talk because I’ll be covering the technical problems we had on the night as well as the fabulous concept that it actually was. I’ll post up a link to the paper itself once they go online in the ACM digital library.

Anyway the presentation is available here

The talk seemed to go down well – lots of positive tweets about my references to Buffy and Aliens. Thanks to everyone who came.


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