Juke Thrill Lab @ Silverstone

Brendan bletheringCompetition Winner Driving the Juke R

And so we come to part two of our Juke Trill Lab campaign. Like goodwood this event has seen us studying the thrill levels of members of the public under the banner of “Built To Thrill.” This time Brendan Walker and I were at Silverstone,  measuring some winners of Nissan’s thrill competition as they blasted round the track in the (properly brill) Juke-R. The Juke-R, alas, is only a concept car just now: £400,000 a pop and able to do 0-60 in 3.7 seconds and 160mph with 468bhp. Its matt black finish looks great, if faintly sinister and somebody, sadly I’m unable to recall who to correctly attribute the comment, on the day commented that if Robin (of batman fame) had his on car (Robmobile?), at least in Christopher Nolan’s batman world, then this is what it would look like: A squat, slightly overweight batmobile…


Different kit on this job. Five brand new actiwave cardios from cam n tech, cracking little self-contained medical-grade electrocardiogram (ECG) and XYZ acceleration sensors which, as long as one doesn’t wish to record live effectively eliminate the need for using the nexus. A little bit of a problem there in that Nissan didn’t really want me shaving the chests of their VIP competition winners, but luckily for science, they were either female or just not too hairy. To add to the new ECG sensors we also have some brand new Affectiva Q sensors – neat little wrist mounted units that record skin conductance, skin temperature and XYZ acceleration. The q-sensors have the added advantage of being able to stream their data over bluetooth, but the distinct disadvantage of being clearly not medical grade. This may well be simply a consequence of the wrist positioning of the sensors, but some work is needed I think to determine just how effective they can be and what needs to be done to get the best out of them.

Well, the competition winners had a blast doing it, I got to run across the track with  a giant pretend hedgehog – something one doesn’t get to say everyday. Visualisations again matching the original design from Nissan’s creatives for a consistent look and feel. Here’s the new film in all its glory:


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