Thrill Lab @ The Smiler – ITV News



Released from my darkened backroom by head of Thrill Lab Prof Walker, I got to stand in front of the cameras and witter on about thrill rides that can detect emotions today for ITV Central News. This is the same system used in the blue peter program, this time applied to a hapless news journalist. Fun with expression recognition.


Check out the coverage here – complete with random “Mr Fish” watermark.


Blue Peter @ The Smiler


Once more the thrill lab is hanging around roller coasters (un)surreptitiously filming people. This time it was for blue peter, and we were trying out expression recognition as a means of emotion capture as part of the launch of Alton Towers’ new Smiler rollercoaster. A lovely day out in the park with Helen and Barney later and we have everything we need.


Check out this excerpt from the show to see what we got up to.

Mobile Interaction Does Not Exist @ Alt.CHI


Joe Marshall and I have just published a somewhat controversial paper at Alt.CHI 2013 (Part of CHI2013) in Paris. In it we suggest that there really is no such thing as mobile interaction, and that a whole school of interaction design needs to adjust to account for the fact that when people are actually moving, its incredibly difficult to interact with computing systems (see the picture above). Alt CHI is a great place to put discussion generating pieces, and this year was no exception. If you’d like to read it and see if you agree with us, you can find the paper here.

The presentation will go down in history as probably the only one in which the presenter (Joe) gaffer taped himself to the desk.