Pubsense @ NordiCHI


After a silly amount of Time, Petr Slovak and I have finally published our Pubsense study at NordiCHI this year. In this work we explored how empathetic people were when talking with their friends in pubs, by looking at skin conductance synchronisation. We were able to conclude that there was at least reactivity even if we couldn’t be sure it was empathy – though the context may suggest it. If you’d like to read the paper, it’s available here. It’s nice to see vicarious being used for something other than measuring thrill, and any research that can be done in a pub certainly scores points in my book. Shout out to The Johnson Arms for hosting us.



Vicarious @ KICSS2014


Today I presented Vicarious at the 9th International Conferences on Knowledge, Information and Creativity Support Systems, KICSS 2014 in Limassol Cyprus. Not the busiest room, but I raised some eyebrows. Lovely community though – met lots of nice and interesting people and saw some very interesting papers. Also, I had never been to Cyprus before. Good Food and still sunny in November? that’s a yes from me.

You can read the paper in the proceedings here if you’re interested, while I wait for its LNCS publication.