Thrill Lab @ Comic Con with Vue and RealD


Thrill laboratory took our recent 3D film experiment out to MGM Comic Con London. This was to help publicise some work done with RealD and Vue where we looked at what changed in people’s brains between watching 2D and 3D films. This time we were looking at the differences between highly emotional content (the first 10 minutes of Pixar’s Up) and high-action content (A fight scene from Guardians of the Galaxy). People could come along, get their brain scanned and take home a souvenir video showing what their brain got up to. Needless to say, some of the costumes made effective EEG um… challenging, but a great time was had all round.

Also, I had the opportunity to have my photo taken by SyFy’s incredible 360 degree camera. It would have been nice if I’d been a little thinner at the time, but dem’s the breaks. Here’s the result:


You can view the rotatable image here – sadly there’s no way to embed it 😦


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