Sentiment @ East Side Projects


For most of the past year I’ve been supporting artist Di Wiltshire in the development of her latest artwork “Sentiment”. Today she was showing it at East Side Projects in birmingham, where I had the great pleasure of also giving a talk about the technology behind the project. In Di’s words:

“Sentiment Art is a interactive soundscape with a wearable sensation device. Created from the voices and emotional response of fifty people, a chorus of humanity through sound and haptics.Existence is intrinsically a holistic system. We are connected through our senses, emotions, sexuality, spirituality our bodies. We are wellbeing and illbeing. We are part and absorbed by the way we inhabit space.Humans need spiritual spaces and thinking places, alternative realities, quirks of nature to create glitches in self absorbed projects. The everyday illusion of meaning in narrative we have life spaces not life stories.Our perceptions shape our reality and in turn our motives. Our everyday is formed through our interactions.Everybody worries about the same things. The insignificant to the catastrophic. How we think is what we live by. Our choices have brought us to a place where we exist. Sentiment Art is an intrinsically multi-modal experience, comprising rich dynamic audio narratives from multiple speakers with related biodata delivered through a wearable haptic interface. The audio of the interviews, and the haptic biodata is dynamically shifted based on the attention of the viewer, and this has been enabled through the use of the performing data toolkit. The data, whether audio recordings or biodata – heard or felt – or the captured attention of the viewer is at the heart of the experience.”



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