Broncomatic & Touchomatic @ National Video Arcade


The near geriatric broncomatic (breath controlled bucking bronco – originally designed by Brendan Walker) was wheeled out of the mixed reality laboratory last week, and cobbled back together again by Joe Marshall and me for the National Videogame Arcade in Nottingham. It’ll be there for the next few weeks if you want a go. Moving with the times, it now tweets line-video photos of the riders (@BroncomaticRide if you’re interested).

We also installed the brand new Touchomatic arcade machine, a 2 player game that demands its users touch each other. It plays a game called “Astonishing Airship Adventures” in which you fly a digital me in an airship over increasingly rugged terrain, picking up coins, balloons and unintentionally dancing to the best music ever put in a videogame cabinet. And is quite fun if you fancy a go. Just be aware it records you as it goes along.



Thrill lab drives me up the wall @ Fusion


Today we’ve been exploring what it means to try something new when you exercise, working with Fusion we’ve been experimenting on people: having them run on treadmills and participate in bootcamps, but also climb, sail and try yoga-boarding. I didn’t know what that was either, but imagine doing yoga on a surfboard. In the water /shudder. In fact we got incredibly positive results which suggest that the best way to enjoy your exercise and keep you doing it is to find something that takes you on a varied emotional trajectory. In this instance, sailing came out on the top of our thrill scale. This was also one of the first field validations of the long standing walker thrill equation, as we used a new experimental setup that allowed us to do so.

My arms hurt for nearly a week after this. Science is hard!