About Me


I am a Research Fellow in the Mixed Reality Laboratory at  the University of Nottingham. I hold both a PhD and a BSc in computing science from the University of Glasgow.  I have also been a member of the Thrill Laboratory for a number of years.

Most of my research is interdisciplinary and focusses on ways to make sense of sensed data, whether in collaboration with artists, scientists or social scientists. I have a particular interest in physiological sensing, so much of my work makes use of biodata, but I also focus on engineering infrastructures to handle data once we have them, and developing embedded electronics to both capture and represent those data. I consider myself to be a bit of a methodological magpie, in that I apply whatever technology/method seems appropriate for any given project.

Other Stuff

I live in the beautiful village of Ridgeway near Sheffield with my fiancée Jennifer and my two dogs Loki the Dalmatian and Willow the Golden Retriever. I thus spend the majority of my time either being dragged around on the end of a leash by seventy kilograms of energetic dog, or sitting in traffic on the M1. When not doing those things, I am something of a board game collector and evangelist – despite being all computery, I like my games to be analogue. You can have a look at my collection here if such things interest you. When I do play video games, I usually end up spending more time modding them than actually playing them. In particular I enjoy interfering with Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls Games. You can find my most (in)famous work from Oblivion here.