Performing Data @ FACT Liverpool


Today, we had an exhibition and workshop around the performing data project in which work, all of which I’ve been involved in to some degree by Brendan Walker, Rachel Jacobs, Di Wiltshire, Caroline Locke and Richard Ramchurn was exhibited and discussed. We then let a bunch of makers loose on the data to see what they’d come up with. the results were little short of fantastic.

The concept of Performing Data has emerged from multi-disciplinary engagements between artists, social scientists and technologists. Through performance data is revealed to people in various material and embodied ways, sometimes slowly, sometimes, as if live, sometimes in tangible forms, and sometimes by requiring them to enact being sensors.

Here’s what somebody else thought about it.


Oscillate @ Docfest


Brendan Walker’s amazing new artwork Oscillate is now on display at Sheffield international Documentary Festival as of today. In Brendan’s words, oscillate is:

“An immersive interactive artwork based on two popular entertainment technologies: the multi millennia-old swing and the 21st century Oculus Rift – the former designed to excite the vestibular system, the latter designed to excite the visual cortex”.

My involvement was to try and make the technology keep up with Brendan’s vision. In the end it was a wonderful thing, that surprisingly induced less sickness than you might expect. I put this down to your motion being similar to what you’re experiencing in the VR – which is of course unlike most VR experiences.

The work appeared in the Guardian an on Radio 4’s Film Program.